How can I find a suitable product for my application?

We have a form to be filled with the measurements of the seal to replace. With this completed form we will have the opportunity to advise you on the product that best suits your application. Digital pictures may help to better recognize what is needed.

Can the seals work dry?

Mechanical seals need constant lubrication and cooling. Otherwise, their lifespan is noticeably reduced so, to evaluate applications with poor lubrication, we recommend that you consult our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Can I use oil or grease to mount the seals?

You can use a moderate amount of compatible lubricant to help the axial movement of the rotating part on the shaft (it must not damage elastomers). For the assembly of the stationary part, it is advisable to use only denatured alcohol, that lubricates at the time of assembly and then evaporates without leaving residue. It is also advisable to mount seals with perfectly CLEAN faces.